Neah Bay ~ Makah Tribal Lands

by valerie

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by nature so abundantly rich. We frolick on sandy beaches, scale majestic slopes, meander through ferns, and enjoy harvest from the fertile soil. Our Native American brothers and sisters are the perfect guides to help us deepen our appreciation for and connection to this land.There is no more stunning place to achieve this than a visit to the Makah Tribal lands around Neah Bay, WA. A delightful 4-hour drive directly West from Seattle will transport you into a magical landscape full of history, culture, and beauty. In every season, Neah Bay maintains rock-star status.

When you arrive, make sure to pick up a Recreation Permit for $10. Perhaps the best place to grab one is at the Museum at the Makah Culture and Research Center. Learning of the deep culture enriches our privilege of being able to explore these lands!

As for accommodations, we like to camp. However, in winter I may be more inclined to opt for a cabin…. Thankfully, at the Hobuck Beach Resort, you can choose from either camping sites or cabin rentals (dog-friendly cabins available).

Hobuck Beach Resort Neah Bay Makah Tribe
Hobuck Beach Resort; went on a rainy July weekend and had the whole beach to ourselves!

There are two very popular hiking trails, and as someone who prefers to NOT follow the crowd, I’m forced to admit that they are popular for a very good reason ~ they lead you to stunning vistas.

Cape Flattery Trail ~ 0.75 mile walk along boardwalk, stairs,and earthen trail (Dogs ok)

Shi Shi Beach ~ 2 mile hike down to beach. Trail can be very muddy, so I suggest you choose footwear with this in mind (No dogs allowed)

Neah Bay is a locale that is especially great for families, given the accessibility to nature, easy hiking trails, and the richness of cultural engagement. Even for teens who think they know it all. Truly a place to bring life back into balance!

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