the peeps

A family. A tribe. A trifecta. A mom, daughter and son with a shared passion for exploration, discovery, silliness and stillness. We strive for adventures near and far that challenge our assumptions, take us deep into nature, dance within culture, and celebrate beauty in all it’s forms. Seeking out adventures which are not only fun, but also socially/environmentally/culturally responsible and sustainable.

Launched to grow a community of creative souls and wanderlust explorers, representing diverse populations. (More here on the Why)  If that sounds like you, please join our community! Follow along by signing up for a news feed, and we look forward to engaging with you over stories.

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Valerie Ira Spring Trail WA State
Hey there, I’m Valerie. I’m the adult, so I guess I’m the one who makes this all happen. And I’m also the meal ticket for the rest of this crew. When I’m not out swimming in an alpine lake or napping on the beach, I might be found reading books that I may or may not publicly admit to, with chocolate in hand.
Leina Reynisfjara Iceland
Hi, I’m Leina. I love ultimate frisbee, basketball and curling. Golf is really fun to watch. My favorite basketball team is the Seahawks, and I love it when they make hole in ones. I like to talk to my cat, but I’m not crazy.
Taiki Svartifoss Iceland
Hello, I’m Taiki. I’m an all-time nerd of science fiction stories and movies. I play ultimate frisbee and basketball, and love dancing and singing. Summer is my favorite season because I can hike and camp out in the wild. My motto is, “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”
Shanti Dog Annette Lake WA State
Namaste, my name is Shanti. I like squirrels. Balls and sticks are for basic dogs. My favorite days are when we hike in the forest. Especially in the snow! One time, we ran across a huge……wait, did somebody say ‘dinner’?!