Native American Form Line Drawing Orca Whale

Neah Bay ~ Makah Tribal Lands

by valerie

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by nature so abundantly rich. We frolick on sandy beaches, scale majestic slopes, meander through ferns, and enjoy harvest from the fertile soil. Our Native American brothers and sisters are the perfect guides to help us deepen our appreciation for and connection to this land. Continue reading “Neah Bay ~ Makah Tribal Lands”

Friday Harbor ice cream and biking

Biking with Kids in the San Juan Islands

by valerie

The recent warm, dry weather here in Seattle is a delightful taste of summer’s imminent arrival. Although there’s a mass surge of people seeking outdoor adventure, and camping/cabin reservations can be hard to come by on short notice, there are some creative ways to get out and enjoy mother natures bounty for those spontaneous planners (me!). For us, one of those ways is a bike trip to the majestic San Juan Islands, tucked between Anacortes, WA and Victoria, B.C.

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When you gotta go……

by valerie

Toilets and Philosophy. Yes, we’re going there, so bear with me for a minute….

Ok, so you’ve got a kid who really needs to use the baño. Oftentimes, finding a public washroom can be challenging enough. So let’s say you do manage to find one (congrats!), and then you find yourself faced with another hurdle — gender*. You’re a solo dad or mom, and you’ve got a young child of the opposite gender. ¿Que hago?

(*This post assumes gender binarism for example purposes only. Non-binary gender folks can face additional challenges, and I can’t write this post without directly acknowledging my respect and support for this population.)

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