Let’s be honest. There are a gazillion travel blogs out there. So why did I launch this, and how is it different? There are 4 key reasons in answer:


Most travel blogs are authored by and cater to a pretty specific population. Very rarely do you see blogs representing a more diverse audience such as single parents, people of color, alter-abled, same-sex couples, transgender, active seniors, or other. As a single/solo parent raising bi-racial children, I hope to fill that void for interested and curious single parent travelers. AND I’d love to collect and share stories from others here, in order to give voice to other under-represented populations in the travel world. Please message me for collaborations!


There are adventure blogs, mainly targeting adults without children. And then there are family-travel blogs. I have never seen the two brought together in a way that I find appealing. So I decided to create my own! I’ll be really honest —- whenever I hear the word “family-friendly”, I cringe. Don’t get me wrong — I understand why this is useful. But the truth is (or at least, how I see the truth being…. 🙂 ), there are plenty of children AND adults who are picky eaters, can’t sit still for long, dread museums, tire quickly, and throw tantrums. Am I right?! In our family, I have kids who can hike for miles, drool over fermented soy beans, and dream of living in a camper van. So, yes, most family-travel blogs out there don’t speak to me. Thus, here is an attempt to create the adventure-family-travel blog I’ve never been able to find!


Over the years, we have enjoyed camping, hiking, and globe-trotting both near and far. And in all of those explorations, I cannot tell you how many times women have remarked how ‘brave’ I am, and they ‘could never do this.’ The one driving factor for this = Fear. As a woman, I acknowledge the validity of this fear. I get it. Women and girls across the globe are overwhelmingly the targets of gender violence and discrimination. Additionally, we’ve been raised in a fairly common culture of believing men to be the protectors and the providers. It’s my sincere hope that this blog inspires other women and mothers to be brave and bold in their own adventures!


Lastly, even if our trips are taken for the sheer pleasure and need for a fun vacation ~ we can still be thoughtful about how we travel.  It’s highly important that, as best we can, we are being responsible humans and that our travel teaches us to be better humanitarians and stewards of the earth.  That we honor and respect the people, culture, and nature we step into as a guest. And, we can do all this on a limited budget.

Iceland pool

The offspring will assist in the authoring of this blog. Their raw, unfiltered reflections may simply serve as light entertainment for you, dear Reader. Who are we?

And please contact me if you’d like to share your stories, too, so that all folks feel well represented and better informed!!

Don’t let fear keep you from exploring and discovering